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PriorThings is a platform that allows companies and individuals that ability to easily register their prior art in the public blockchain. Prior art can be anything from creative works, intellectual property, digital assets. In this case, I am adding my source code to the repository. PriorThings is not meant to be a file stash platform allowing for storage and retrieval of files.

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Block Number: 3328563

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Fri, 10 Mar 2017 21:44:31 GMT


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Please Note: This is the name of this PiorThings account holder. This is not necessiarly the same as the registered user included in the blockchain.

David McInnis of Blockchain Labs, LLC
Blockchain Labs, LLC
Custer, WA US

PriorThings™ is a platform which helps companies and individuals register their creative works, intellectual property, agreements, contracts and digital assets in the public blockchain.

The blockchain is one of the most compelling technological developments since the dawn of the internet age. The blockchain's ability to provide a full audit trail and the immutability of all digital transactions that it stores have made it the logical platform for launching cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

PriorThings™ leverages these same powerful features of the blockchain to create and record a permanent record of all digital assets that we are entrusted to register with the blockchain.

This page provides a full receipt of the intellectual property or creative works of one of our users. The purpose of this registration is to demonstrate prior ownership of those assets.

We invite you to read more about the PriorThings™ Methodology.

The success of any new technology platform depends equally upon the vision of its founders and its early adopters. Without forward-leaning early adopters and evangelists new ideas are rarely successful.

David McInnis of Blockchain Labs, LLC is one of those individuals. This person or company has been a PriorThings™ user since we launched. Additionally, they have contributed to the economic viability of this service by purchasing a Founder's Circle License.

We are proud to acknowledge them as a member or our Founder's Circle.

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